For one of my recent projects in Flutter, I was required to integrate Stripe SDK for payments where I used Firebase for the backend side. It was a pretty challenging task for me as there are not many resources available online for a clean set-up of cloud functions for such frameworks. Thus, I would like to write and share about my experience on this.

Before we continue further into this topic, you should already possess some knowledge on Flutter and Firebase.

So, let’s dive into it, shall we? 😊

Let’s start by creating a sample Flutter project. You can name…

Sharing my experience here after working on flutter project recently. As push notifications is one of the most common feature require in almost every mobile application so thought of creating a sample app to explain enabling push notifications in an app using firebase and flutter(dart).

Without further talking let’s just dive straight into the process. Because actions speaks louder than words 😉.

I will be using visual code as IDE for flutter and firebase cloud messaging as push notification service. let’s create a new firebase project on firebase console. To do that let’s go to the link:

Login with…

Writing another article to integrate sign in with Apple in an iOS app. Tried to cover the whole process with an example app in this step by step guide for beginners on Sign in with Apple.

Without anymore discussion let’s just dive right into it 😄 (Assuming you guys have little knowledge of swift and Xcode).

  1. Create a new project using Xcode(Skip this step if you already have one):

2. Add Sign in with Apple capability in project:

Don’t live with broken windows…

I am doing iOS development for last 6 years but the thing that hurts me the most is that many developers out there do not have any idea that what they actually need to do to transit their career path from junior role to senior role. That struck me to write this blog to help many developers out there to help each other in growing towards lead roles in any organisations.

Keep working or finishing your tasks on time or following product manager’s instruction to meet the deadlines will make you a good employee (“Cog in the wheel”) however it…

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